1- Open your image
Start by opening your landscape image in Photoshop.
It’s recommended that you have blank white sky.

Tip: In case you have a clear blue one, select the blue color and reduce the saturation so that it becomes white.


2- Placing the sky
Place your dramatic sky below your landscape image.
In this case, I made sure that the sun peeked through the trees.

Tip: Whenever you encounter a beautiful sky during the day, grab your camera and take a few snaps. You’ll never know when and how you might use them!


3- Blending
This is a very easy step and yet it makes a drastic change.
Simply, set the blending mode of your landscape to Multiply and this is what you’ll get!

In this case, you’ll notice that the sky filled all the whites in the image. That’s why we still see some sky parts in the water. But I kinda like it because it looks like a reflection to the sky.


I always do color grading as a final step to my images to make my scene more dramatic. It always depends from an image to the other. In this one, I played around with curves and exposure.


I hope this tutorial was useful. Feel free to ask me anything 🙂

Please note that it’s completely forbidden to use or reproduce these images. I own full copyright to these photos.


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