I have always loved taking photos of people in historical or vintage European costumes. It’s extremely hard to find them nowadays. I was lucky enough to run into a vintage shop called “Depot-Vente Beirut”. I saw that yellow dress online and the next thing I had to do is go there and grab it.

My grandmother has a shop for curtain fabric. I go there every once in a while and try to find pieces of fabric she never uses. I loved the blue color and the size of one piece, so I took it and decided to use it as a backdrop.

I called my sister and asked her to be my model.



It was about time to look up for another dress. I had my eyes on some historical costumes online. They were all way over my budget and I got really frustrated because they looked very beautiful. Next thing I did was bringing that backdrop down and starting a new dress. Having my mom’s sewing machine made it all easy — unlike what you may think! Well, thanks to Pinterest for being inspirational.

I was going to start a photo series/project, but it turned into complete failure because of the lack of models. But I remembered that making that dress was an accomplishment itself. That’s why I decided to share the story with everyone.

Here’s a self-portrait I took with the help of my husband.


This image stands for some of the days I spent at the hospital and was given blood units to treat my anemia after the death of my son due to the severe pre-eclampsia I suffered from.


4 thoughts on “From Backdrop to Dress

    1. Many thanks for your words! It is indeed tough.
      I’m diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome (an auto-immune disease) and that’s what caused pre-eclampsia to occur.

      1. Well, keep searching for answers! I have MS, and it is through searching I’ve managed to stay as well as I have. Personally I’m not fond of the autoimmune theory, in my opinion my body is way too smart to just attack itself something else is going on. And for some reason most docs don’t care to find out what. Hence my suggestion to keep searching. Consider your diet, your intestinal flora and what might improve it. That’s my current approach, and it has not made me worse! Love and blessings to you. 💜

      2. Yes, there are many things that your doctors won’t tell you. That’s why I’m always researching and looking for answers online. Living with a chronic disease is not easy.
        Sending you lots of love, blessings and good health ❤

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